Does applying for a visa remind you of endless waiting in a long queue, having nightmares due to the fear of getting turned back or rejected, losing both money and time? Let’s get rid of your worst fears for applying for a visa. 

Basic requirements of a tourist visa

You can’t just travel anywhere just with your passport. Well, that is not completely true if you are U.S Citizen or have a U.S visa in your passport (you visit around 180 countries!!!). So if you don’t come under both these categories, a visa is as obligatory as your passport (especially if you belong to any African or Asian countries.)

So first things first, check the validity of your passport. Most of the countries require a minimum validity of 6 months on your passport and on your resident card if you’re a resident in a different country.

Plan your travel

Pick your destination at least 2-3 months before your date of travel. The duration of visa processing depends on various factors. So to avoid any kind of delays, always plan.

Research, research, research!!!

Research on the destination. With lots of migration policy changes going around the world, the visa requirements keep from changing from time to time. You can be an immigrant in one country with a different country of origin and planning to travel to another country. The eligibility of each visa depends on your country of origin, your citizenship status, and your destination. 

Tourist visa application process

Every country has set a few guidelines for visa approval. With the era of the World Wide Web at the tip of your fingers, this process has become hassle-free.

Most of destinations process e-visas. Visa applications can be done online on their respective government websites. Schengen countries or countries like the U.S, U.K conducts a personal interview before approving their visa while in some countries, there will be on-site interviews and issue a visa on arrival after landing at the destination. Some countries request financial documents while countries like U.A.E, Qatar or any Middle Eastern countries do not require the same. This too depends on the country of origin and current citizenship status.

The basic process of tourist visa application

1. Approach a well-reputed visa assistance company or you can check online for the visa application procedures. 

2. Lookup the links for tourist visas. Tourist visas come under are the non-immigrant visa. Download their application form.

3. Acquire all the documents required for visa application. -Recently taken 2X2 photos, passport, and covering letter showing the purpose of visit, travel itinerary, flight reservations, hotel bookings, proof of civil and proof of sufficient financial means meaning your financial readiness to cover your expenses during your period of stay. Any visa or travel assistance company can guide you through this process and help you to gather flawless documents. Any visa or travel assistance company can guide you through this process and help you to gather the right documents and apply flawlessly.

If you are an expatriate working in a different country, to travel to another country, you will need to submit proof of residence in that country and employment certificate along with the above-listed documents.

4. Any visa agent or company can get you an appointment date for the interview and will help you, letting you face the interview with confidence.

5. The stamped passport can be collected from the embassy within 2-3 business days.

P.S This is just a standard procedure. There might be variations in each process and the duration for a visa issued for each country, so check with the respective embassy or your travel agent before applying.

Know your visa

There are single and multiple-entry tourist visas.

Single entry tourist allows single entry to the destination.

Multiple entry visa allows to you enter and exit a foreign country within a given frame of time. For instance, if you are issued a multiple entry Schengen visas for six months, then you can travel back and fro multiple times to the Schengen area within 6 months. The validity of this visa depends on the frequency of your trips from 6 months to 10 years.

Why has my visa application been denied? 

This happens when the documentations that are required are not complete.

Other reasons might include

- Having a criminal background, past immigration violations or health issues that might a threat to the country.

-Incomplete application or providing incorrect information.

-Insufficient funds

-Even, failing to communicate properly on the interview can lead to visa denials.

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                                                    Do you still feel the visa application as a pretty much daunting process?

Contact businesses that specialize in this kind of thing. Visa assistance or expediting companies will make your life easier and will save you a lifetime of stress.

Simply book your travel to your desired destination and rest will be taken care of bringing you a step closer to your destination.

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