Have you planned your next visit to Germany?

Germany belongs to the Schengen states. So to visit Germany for a period up to 90 days, a Pakistan passport holder has to apply for a short term Schengen tourist visa.

With the recent amendments to the Schengen visa code, it would be always better to apply for a short term Schengen visa if you’re a first time traveller. This can increase your chance of obtaining a multiple entry tourist visa valid for 1 year provided you’re a regular traveller to the so-called Schengen countries.

Basic requirements you need to know before you apply

1. A valid Pakistan passport

2. Residence proof - A valid residence permit of your residing GCC country.

3. Covering letter - A letter stating your purpose of visit, duration of stay, itinerary your accommodation details, and your flight reservation details. If you have any invitation letter from Germany from your relatives or friends, enclose with this covering letter.

4. Financial subsistence - Proof-like 6 months bank statements that can show you have enough funds to support your trip.

5. Employment proof - A letter or NOC from your employer that confirms your enrollment in the company.

6. Proof of your business registration if you’re self-employed.

7. Travel Insurance - It is mandatory to have travel insurance to get your German tourist visa approved. This is insurance is covered in case of any cancellation of flights, medical emergency, loss of baggage or documents. You can approach a visa consultant who will help out with this.

8. A recent photograph that meets the embassy specifications.

It is always best to apply 6 months before your travel date. The processing of your Germany tourist visa may take about 10 -15 working days to get approved provided you meet the above requirements.

Also, know about the recent changes in the appointment for frequent travellers.

Did you know you can visit 26 countries with your Schengen visa?

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